When it is necessary to dewatering small volumes of waste water or fluids, or small flow rates, we can supply small, fully functional plants.

This is the case, for example, for small or micro production companies, or even for external laboratories or research and development departments.

These small filter presses can be used when you want to test the plant on a pilot scale, before starting production on an industrial scale.

These filter presses are equipped with exactly all the options and devices found in industrial-scale filter presses.

The results that can be obtained with these small-scale units are faithful to those obtained on an industrial scale. The transition to industrial scale is absolutely faithful.

Furthermore, these very small units allow even micro-volumes of turbidity to be dewatered for absolutely efficient solid-liquid separation.

It is no longer necessary to give up the performance that only a filter press can provide, just because the volumes are smaller than those needed to use an industrial filter press.

Fully manual filter presses in stand-alone mode (filter press only, no other parts of the equipment) are also part of this series.These filter presses, available up to a size of 500×500, are the ideal solution for companies with small flow rates of fluids to be dewatered, who want to use an industrial machine without the ‘complication’ of the electrical part.

The filtration cycle, as well as the closing and opening of the hydraulic cylinder, is completely manual.

Even less experienced operators can use this type of filter press.