Autemi Srl was founded in 2015 as a transformation of the engineering company “Minghetti Engineering” founded in 1981 and operating in the field of wastewater treatment and civil and industrial sludge.

Thanks to this considerable experience – more than thirty years – acquired in the field, Autemi Srl is now able to design, build and install lines of machines for sludge and process water filtration and dewatering.

Our dynamism, flexibility and ability to adapt to the needs of our customers allows us to offer customised solutions and satisfy individual requests


We do not tell you that we use the most innovative technologies on the market and the most modern CAD/CAM/CAE software to develop each project, because we take this for granted.

Are you a plant builder, contractor or installer looking for a partner to buy not just a machine but a real technical service that can provide you with valuable advice gained from experience in the field?

Do you still have the problem that in order to install, you have to analyse a lot of technical specifications, provide too many documents, tests, operating logics, etc. ….?
OK, then we are the right choice.

Are you an end user and looking for a strong, robust, high quality machine, possibly with that special technical feature that other manufacturers don’t give you because everything is standard and everything is fixed?
OK, then we are again the right choice.

What we do is not unique, but how we do it is unique.

Angelo Minghetti


Matteo Minghetti

Sales Manager

Marco Minghetti

Technical Manager